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How to Add a Widget to Blogger

Blogger Widgets are applications which can be put into a blog. They are many such as Adsence, HTML/JavaScript, Blog Archive, Photos and many more tools and applications. So follow our step guide correctly and learn How to Add a Widget to Blogger.

Step Guide1: Log into your blogger account and open the Dashboard on the blogger account.

Step Guide2: Go to the Layout on the left side bar on the blogger dashboard.

Step Guide3: So you can see it like this.

Step Guide4: Find your hoping place to add the widget and click on the ADD A GADGET link.

Step Guide5: Find out the Widget you need. When you click on ADD A GADGET link the windows will pop up a new page with a list of Widgets and Gadgets. Choose some with the list. At the left side you can see some categories such as Basics, More Gadgets and Add your Own.

Step Guide5: Select the Gadget by clicking on Blue + button. 
Step Guide6: After selecting your gadget or Widget Click Save on the popup page and again you will go to the layout page. Then again Click on the Save Changes button on the right bottom.

 Add a Widget to Blogger Step 4