How to Take a Screenshot in Windows - PC (With Pic)

Did you know how to take screenshots in windows? if you use software to take screenshots ? You are lucky, now you can have the screenshot in PC within one press. Follow our guideline and know how to take screenshot in windows correctly.

Step 1: Click on the Prt Sc button on the keyboard – When you click on the Prt Sc button on keyboard, your current screen will be copied into the clipboard. This will same as your screen resolution.(if you cannot find it it is situated in next on F12)

Step 2: Getting the screenshot – when you created the screenshot via PrtScr button, you need to paste it to a paint file to watch that. So Paint is a recommended to save your Screenshot. So open the Paint and press CTRL+V or Paste button and save it via CTRL+S.  
As well you can send the Screenshot within one press on some platforms such as Facebook message, Gmail message as etc.  


If you use Microsoft windows 8 or Microsoft Windows 8.1, you can save your screenshot without saving it anywhere. So you need to press Windows Key+Prt Sc. So it has saved successfully in the Screenshot document in the computer.