Speedup Tricks on Firefox Web Browser – How to make it fast

Until today, many of internet users believe that the Firefox Web Browser is the fastest web browser among on the other web browsers. So this article will guide you to make your Firefox Web Browser run fast. The very first step is just open the Firefox and head to the “About: Config” setting at the Firefox Adders bar and select Configuration.

Speed Up Tricks

Change the numbers on the given place to the following numbers and you can make your web browser work fast as your trick.
  • Network.http.pielining > true
  • Network.http.proxy. pielining > true
  • Network.http.pielining.maxrequests > 8
  • Network.http.max-connections > 96
  • Network.http.max-connections-per-server > 32

1.  Stop Virus Scanning

When you download a big size file, the file is automatically faced to a Virus scan and it makes the download speed very low. So just change the virus scan. Go to –
  • Browser.download.manager.scanWhenDone > False

Stop the time to make Extension

When we make a plug-in on Firefox it requests some time. Therefore stop that.
  • Security.dialog_enable_delay > 0  

Screen more Add-On at the Add-On window
When you visit to the Add-On page, you can see various Add-Ons. You can screen more Add-Ons on the screen by changing this setting.

  • Extensions.getAdd-Ons.maxResults > Add your hoping number of Add-Ons

Change the backspace button’s feature

Usually we use Backspace to go to the previous web page. But now you can use it to go to the upper side of the opened web page.
  • Browser.backspace_action > 1

Open pop ups in a new tab

Normally Popup are start on a new window, you can change it and open it on a new tab using below trick.
  • Browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction > 0

Spelling Check

Currently Firefox check the spelling on the Text box. To make it
  • Layout.spellcheckDefault > 2

Open all the searches in a New Tab. 

Normally Firefox did no open all the searches in a New Tab. To open in a new tab, Change it as,
  • Browser.Search.openintab > True

Auto Export Bookmarks

We make bookmarks to save the wanted pages or websites. So now you can Export the bookmarks into a HTML file. 
  • Browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML > True

 Ok. Just try on this tricks and speed up your Firefox Web browser. And also like us on facebook and stay tuned for daily updates on our site.