Undo Sent Mails in Gmail

Hi guys. On now, I am going to tell a valuable trick to the Google Gmail users. Before if we sent a Mail to someone, we couldn’t stop it but now thee Google members are been able to allow the Google Gmail users to undo sent mails to another. So how nice! Just see how to undo a sent mails in Google Gmail without talks.


  • Step 1:  As first step, just log in to your Google Account.
  • Step 2:  After you log in, select the Gmail option in the Google homepage.
  • Step 3:  When it opens, click on the setting button at the top right.

  • Step 4:  On the Setting Tab, scroll down and find the “Enable Undo Send” and place a tic mark on there and select the cancellation time period.

As well don’t forget to save it guy. If you need to test, just undo a send mail and make sure. Ok. Now I am going to leave. Don’t lazy to like us on facebook.