WIFI Network Watcher software – Find out who use your Wifi service

Many people use Wifi or Wireless connections to connect internet. It’s not the problem, the problem is someone can use your Wifi serviceor Wireless connections secretly, such as your neighbors, otherbuilding people or any other. It is a big lost for you. Who know if he or she downloads more and more from your Wifi Connection or Wireless connections?

So now, it is all over, by using the given software the WIFI and Wireless connections Watcher, it allows you to find out who use your Wifi Connection and Wireless connections.  As the given screenshot, the software shows you, which are the connected devices to your Wireless connection such as Phones, Laptops, Computers, Tab and it shows you the user’s IP address as well. You can use this easily without install. Just download and double click on it. It is only 303 kilobytes (303 KB)


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