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10 Things on an Apple Fan's 2016 Wish List

10 Things on an Apple Fan's 2016 Wish List - At the point when your most loved buyer tech organization is additionally the best purchaser tech organization on the planet, and said tech organization is by and large a magnet for exaggeration and blind client reliability - while likewise creating more items at more elevated amounts of value than any other time in recent memory - what's left to truly wish for?

10 Things on an Apple Fan's 2016 Wish List

Bounty, it turns out. 

I'm not discussing another Apple auto or even any extraordinary new item classification. For reasons unknown, I simply need some basic things to work better. I'd like to see a few refinements, truly, little moves in need from Apple's different groups. At this time, a large portion of Apple's items are similar to huge heavenly reinforced glass windows... that some way or another still have a sticker appended to one outside corner. Why?

So what do I plan to see in 2016?

Better Apple Watch Battery Life 

My Apple Watch is really cool and all, however you know what's not cool? Charging the thing each and every day. Without a doubt, I'm surrendered to the certainty (and propensity) of charging my iPhone each and every day, except there is something other than what's expected about expecting to charge your Apple Watch.

What is so distinctive? You need to take it off to charge it, which means it's not ready to carry out its occupation on your wrist. On the off chance that I have to charge my iPhone, I can in any case use it while it's joined to a divider or battery. Of course, that isn't phenomenal, yet an Apple Watch turns out to be particularly un-watch-like when you need to charge it.

Fix the Mac App Store 

Oh joy, this is somewhat irritating to me, yet it's a crime to Mac designers around the globe. There are numerous things softened up the Mac App Store, not the slightest of which is low valuing weight, no update estimating models, and not too bad engineers maintaining a strategic distance from the Mac App Store or abandon it out and out.

Well known Apple fan, investigator, and pundit John Gruber even went so far as to say this month that "The Mac App Store is spoiling."

I'd like to see Mac designers clamoring to get in. Why? Macintosh clients are about as faithful to Apple as you can get - so damn it, Apple, make their application encounters astounding.

There is some uplifting news here, however: Apple simply moved all the App Store obligations over to Phil Schiller, Apple's senior VP of overall showcasing, which is by all accounts a sign that Apple perceives the issues.

Better iPhone Battery Life 

Gone ahead, Apple, gives us an additional millimeter of thickness and more battery! This entire slenderness fixation has a reaction, and battery life is the greatest issue. It's simply rankling.

How about we have a show of hands: Who might settle on better battery life, regardless of the fact that it implied a marginally thicker and somewhat heavier iPhone 6 or 6s? I'm in. Each cracking time. Shock us with the iPhone 7, please Apple. It would be ideal if you

Make an Apple Smart Battery Case 

No, no, no! Apple gave us one of these, however who was clamoring for such an Apple-presented battery defense? Me, I really like battery cases for when I need to go off the force lattice, particularly far outside, yet the Apple Smart Battery Case is more costly and offers less revive power than the opposition - and it's not waterproof or especially rough.

So I have a trade off solicitation on this one: Make beyond any doubt that outsider Apple Lightning gadget permitting necessities are inexpensive to the point that outsider battery case makers can deliver focused battery cases that likewise utilize Lightning ports for case charging as opposed to smaller scale USB links. Like I have to pack around more than one link.

Get Us 48-Hour iTunes Movie Rental Periods 

We're heading into 2016, and for reasons unknown, we are still saddled with 24-hour limits on iTunes motion picture playback periods. This implies in the event that you begin a motion picture one night after work, however get hindered with say, life, you'll need to discover the time inside of 24 hours to complete it. Either the DRM WORKS or it doesn't. Why rebuff your clients with discretionary points of confinement on ensured content? It's all fair so dumb.

I'm certain some of it is tied up with rights administration from the substance makers, yet Apple obviously couldn't care sufficiently less to make it an issue and get it settled. No big surprise individuals think jogging out to a Redbox is more brilliant than utilizing iTunes.

Reward: While we're discussing iTunes film rentals on our iPhones, why wouldn't we be able to have a 10-second skip ahead or skip back catch? Those minimal virtual catches are in a wide range of other video playback applications and administrations, yet not Apple's. Why not? Why? Is it a patent issue? In the event that it is, simply purchase the entire organization that possesses the licenses. Likewise irritating than missing a touch of dialog? Rewinding too far back and after that attempting to come back to your spot in a video.

Add a Retina Screen to the MacBook Air 

The single-port MacBook is relatively revolutionary, and the super thin console is dull. What do numerous Mac customers truly need? A MacBook Air with a Retina screen. In the event that Apple discharged such a Mac at a sensible cost point, it would offer to a great degree well. I have undoubtedly about that.

Extraordinary parity of size with elements... yet, I genuinely question Apple will do it. Pity. Second best choice? Concede that the MacBook console is less than impressive, Apple. Keep in mind that people like how things feel, and take care of business in variant two.

Better Password Management on the Apple TV 

The on-screen console sucks, especially to enter in even essentially solid passwords with fancypants Siri Remote. Truly not certain how this one moved beyond ease of use testing.

It beyond any doubt would be pleasant if there were a short PIN that could be utilized, so you didn't need to enter your iTunes watchword on the screen - like, before a pack of young people - just to lease a film.

We don't require crazy security within our homes, yet we could utilize some straightforward security around visitors and little kids.

Produce an Apple 5K Monitor 

Alternately even a 4K adaptation. An Apple-marked screen presumably would be excessively costly for any semblance of me, yet wowsers, some portion of being an Apple fan is yearning for something you can't manage. At last, I'm amazed Apple hasn't tried to make an interpretation of its iMac sharpness into a sweet outer screen.

Even better, my wish would be that Apple would construct one that is cost focused (like the sweet estimation of the Retina iMacs), and shock the damnation out of everybody.

Stream NFL Thursday Night Football 

Word in the city says the NFL is requesting offers to stream NFL Thursday Night Football from Apple and other tech organizations. I beyond any doubt trust Apple considers this important and gets it going.

This sort of "television" arrangement would be ideal for easygoing fans why should unwilling burn through hundreds on link and satellite bundles.

Improve Everything Just Work 

This one originates from Brent Simmons who depicted a bothering Mail bug that influenced his father, at last prompting this:

"What I'm seeking after - what I'm almost asking for, more as a client than as designer - is that Apple put in a year improving things. Just the same old thing new. Simply improve things work."

When I read that, I should concede, the assumption reverberated.

All things considered, what's the enormous takeaway here? I simply need refinements as far as I can tell in 2016. I needn't bother with any new contraptions.

Gracious, hold up, I do have one more wish: I trust Tim Cook stands solid over security and encryption. As fear spreads, we all need to recall that making advanced rope for everybody to wear is not by any means the only reply. Opportunity and security are critical.