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How to use Cortana on an Android Smartphone

In spite of the fact that Cortana, Microsoft's virtual partner, has been helping proprietors of Windows 10 and Windows Phone gadgets for some time now, it has quite recently been made accessible to Android proprietors also.

While Google has its own voice-initiated virtual aide – Google Now – it isn't exactly as highlight rich as Cortana, and now in the event that you claim an Android gadget you don't need to pass up a great opportunity any more.

Here's the way you can download, introduce and utilize Cortana on an Android Phone.

Step 1: Get Cortana

Cortana is accessible to download from the Google Play Store. You can either get to Google Play on your Android gadget and quest for "Cortana," or use theGoogle Play Store on your PC or Mac and snap the "Introduce" catch to stack Cortana onto your Android gadget.
You can likewise utilize the Phone Companion application in Windows 10. Sort "Telephone Companion" in the pursuit box and when the application opens select "Android," then tap on "Cortana" and take after the directions.

Step 2: Configure Cortana

A virtual partner like Cortana works best when it knows things about you, for example, news points that you're occupied with and places you get a kick out of the chance to eat.
Dissimilar to other virtual colleagues, for example, Google Now and Apple's Siri, Cortana doesn't grab this data. Rather, you have to give the data you need Cortana to have. To do this, open up the Cortana application and swipe from the left to show the Notebook page.

Step 3: Say Cortana about yourself

From the Notebook piece of the Cortana application, tap on "About Me" to give Cortana data about yourself, for example, your name. On whatever remains of the page you can enter your most loved spots to eat and drink, your top groups, the games groups you backing and the sky is the limit from there.
The more data you give Cortana, the better it will be at giving you data and proposals in light of your inclinations.

Step 4: Use your voice

Like Google Now and Siri, Cortana can be utilized to work your gadget with simply your voice. While your Android cell phone is opened you can get Cortana to listen by saying "Hey Cortana." The capacity to utilize Cortana while your telephone is bolted is select to Windows Phones, until further notice at any rate.
With Cortana in listening mode you can utilize your voice to open applications (by saying "Open Facebook," for instance), and set cautions and updates.
You can likewise utilize your voice to discover adjacent eateries or (have a go at asking "where is the closest Subway?"), look the web and raise climate conjectures.

Step 5:View missed calls in Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 on PCs and portable workstations additionally accompanies Cortana, and you'll see the same data you've given on the Android application in Windows 10.

Surprisingly better, in the event that you miss an approach your telephone, you'll see a notice on your PC or portable workstation. You can likewise read and answer to instant messages utilizing Cortana on PC – so you don't even need to take your telephone out of your p