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HP Pavilion Mini PC – HP start to change the PC

Today, the Computer developers are developing some different PCs. So HP developers announced their new member recently as a Micro PC. The Micro PC has concluded by 2 inches with 800 g weight. This is very easy to carry and the HP Pavilion Mini PC has included Microsoft Windows newest update Windows 8.1 as well.

HP Pavilion Mini PC
This is a small PC but it is not a low power PC. Now the developers had released two versions of PCs named HP Pavilion Mini 300 – 020na and HP Pavilion Mini 300-030na. This both have 4GB Ram, Card Reader, HDMI Out connector, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and Display Port, and this can connect two monitors once from the Display Port.    
The Mini 300 020na version has 500 GB memory with Intel Pentium 3558 and it will US $ 319 cost.
The Mini 300 030na version has concludes with 1 TB memory and with Intel Core i3 4025 u processer and it will US$ 499 cost.
But the developers said the new PCs are not allowed to play games because the games are request more power to play. But you can use this to home use such as official works, Watch Videos, Stay on internet, file storage etc.

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