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IGI 1 full walkthrough – All missions

Trainyard walkthrough 

Turn right and climb the ladder, then walk along the roof and climb down into the building. Take the uzi and ammo, then open the door. Ready your glock and shoot him in the head, then step back and quickly switch to your knife. Stab the next guy as he enters the doorway. Take their AK47's then go through the other door. Enter through the door to the left and use a computer to disable the security cameras for 2 minutes. Leave the building, and head left to the water tower. Climb the ladder, then walk around to the right - stab the guy and take his Dragunov.
Pick off the 5 enemies using this sniper rifle (1 in another tower, 1 in a post and 3 patrolling to the left). Go back down and deactivate the cameras again, then climb up the tower and slide across to the far tower using the overhead cable. Slide down the ladder and turn left, then head around the crates until you find a fence to climb over. Spot a camera above and to the right that you can take out. Now wait for a guy to walk past in the next area and shoot him with the Dragunov. Keep left and push the button to open the gate.

SAM Base walkthrough 

Get your Mp5 prepared and go to the privilege instantly (down the incline). Slither towards the gentleman watching close to the distribution center and shoot him, then circumvent the back of the stockroom and slaughter another solitary heavy armament specialist. Take his AK47 then go straight around behind a little building. Continue utilizing your Mp5 to stay calm, and get a fellow watching the opposite side of the building. There are 2 more folks close to the SAM, so pick them both off as fast as possible. Go into the little building for a M16 A2 and some ammunition, then into the stockroom to get an assortment of explosives and projectiles.

Come back to your first slaughter area and prepared the M16 A2. Murder the 2 folks close to the bunkered post (1 inside it). There is a second SAM to one side, with 2 adversaries, 1 in front and 1 behind - kill them both. Plant the C4 on the 2 SAMs you have secured up to this point, then go in a wide bend to one side to achieve the third SAM. Presently make a distraught dash for the helipad.

Military Airbase walkthrough 

Head straight from your beginning position, and murder the solitary fellow watching the range with your Mp5. Take the AK47, then enter the building with the satellite dish and shoot the fellow on the second floor, so you can get more ammunition. Presently make a beeline for the containers behind the fenced region and look down at the structures out there (utilize your Mp5 to zoom in somewhat). You will see a radar tower behind a huge divider - set out straight toward this. When you arrive, turn left and go gradually around the bend to pick off the following foe with your Mp5 as he watches before the principle door. Hunker and swing to one side to shoot a solitary fellow through the begin of the wall.

Inch up to the entryway however don't enter yet - you can see a gentleman in a post that you can shoot in the head. There is currently a solitary fellow remaining behind the truck, confronting the other way - simply stroll into the base and murder him. Gather his weapon, then head left and utilize the keypad to open the enormous carport. Creep into the carport, the distance to the front feel sick of the nearest truck. Perused your AK47 and stand up then hunker down straight away. When you substantial the adversaries reloading, take them both out. Open the entryway and ascension the stepping stool, then prepared your Mp5 to take out the fellow behind the adjacent. Utilize the guide PC to time the charge outside so the fellow doesn't see you before you kill him. There is another fellow on the water tower to execute with your Mp5. Head left and look with your binoculars to spot 2 more adversaries. Slaughter the fellow on the gallery to start with, then the gentleman on the ground. Presently move up the water tower and get the Dragunov. Shoot the security camera on the first target building, then kill 6 more folks that you can see.

Proceed to one side and execute another fellow close to the keep going gentleman you slaughtered on the ground (sit tight for him to stroll past and shoot him in the back). Presently admire the privilege and kill another fellow on the overhang. Circled to the front of the building and enter it, going up in the lift and out to the 2 galleries to get more ammunition for your Dragunov. There is likewise a medipack here. Prepare your AK47 now. Experience the entryways while in transit to the target house and execute 3 officers who go out on the privilege - take their weapons including a shotgun. Presently two adversaries will go out - murder them as well. Go inside and disregard the entryway on the privilege. In the back room, experience the left entryway and down the stairs. Open the entryway and slaughter the solitary gatekeeper, then make a beeline for the left and into the therapeutic space to get another medipack. Go to the last cell and you will have a discussion with Anya around another mission objective. Pivot and about-face through the carport to the front door.

Get your Dragunov prepared, then slither towards the control tower and pick off all the foes - spot them utilizing the binoculars and bring all of them out with single head shots. The alert will sound when you have executed every one of them. Additionally take out the 2 security cameras. Go to the base checkpoint and open the entryway (there's another medipack here on the off chance that you require it). Get your AK47 prepared and open the entryway - clear out the gatekeeper here. Open the adjacent and execute another gentleman. Proceed to a room with one window. Hunch and approach the window, then stand and rapidly get down once more. At the point when the adversary reloads, slaughter him. Go out the indirect access of the house and into the tower. Utilize the lift, and shoot when the entryways open to slaughter one fellow. There is another at the highest point of the stairs on the off chance that you didn't kill him prior. Utilize the PC, then leave the base and escape with the plane on the privilege.

GOD walkthrough 

Squat and raced to the truck, and shoot the adversary in the foot to bring both off them around the front of the storage compartment to murder. Presently stand and shoot the fellow in the window of the building ahead. Run straight through the hole and murder another foe, then turn left and execute the last one around there. Presently run (painstakingly so you don't fall) down the slant and climb the water tower. Get the Dragunov prepared and begin killing immediately.


At first there is one foe at the upper left, 2 at the upper right, 1 at base right and 2 and base left. The inviting troops ought to land now, and 2 more foes show up at the base left. 2 will then leave the distribution center on the privilege. Reload now in the event that you are getting low, then deal with 3 folks showing up from the upper right, and the 1 on the overhang to the upper left. 4 foes then show up from the house he was remaining on. After they are dead, 2 folks will begin shooting at you from the base left. A very much timed projectile can kill them both, or you can sit tight for them to demonstrat to themselves and pick them off with the Dragunov. The mission will be finished.

Radar Base walkthrough 

Run straight down the slant and shoot the first fellow who is distant from everyone else. Take and prepared his AK47. Experience the door and hole up behind the post, then pop out and murder the gentleman watching around the nearest building. Shoot the camera above you, and sit tight for a gentleman to open the door and come through - shoot him as well. Presently enter the building and bring the lift down. There is a fellow promptly unmistakable to one side, and another somewhat to one side. Enter the 2 rooms to get a medipack and a Desert Eagle, then go up in the lift (to the top floor). There are additionally 2 folks here, one inside the room and one out on the gallery, who will keep running in when he hears weapon discharge.

Go out on to the back gallery and shoot the gentleman in the water tower utilizing your M16. Likewise take out the closest fellow on the ground utilizing the Glock or Desert Eagle. Do a reversal down utilizing the lift and impair the cameras utilizing the PC as a part of the gatekeeper post. Go through the entryway into the following territory and turn right instantly. Circumvent the corner and devastate the incapacitated camera. On the off chance that there is no watchman here, go into the generator room, discover him and slaughter him. Go around behind the generator building and utilize the guide PC to time a hurried to the water tower - move up and squat quickly. Pop here and there to keep sensible spread while picking off a sum of 5 adversaries and 1 camera. It is currently sheltered to go down and press the catch to open the entryway into the following range.

Gather every one of the weapons you see lying around, and enter the stockroom to one side. Gather the mines, projectiles, minimi and blaze blast. Presently go over the patio and into the workplace building. There is an adversary holding up in the third room, and there are 3 more folks outside, who will enter the building to discover you on the off chance that you hold up sufficiently long. Continue going and there is one more stationary gatekeeper in the building. Presently go outside and cross into a second little building. There are 2 folks in the third room of this building, and you will likewise discover a keycard (first goal). Get your blade prepared and cut another gentleman in the following room. Presently advance back through the past door. Turn right and open another entryway, then go straight through and take cover behind the holder to one side. Take a gander at the PC guide to time a hostile on a solitary patrolman along the following passageway.

Take out the 2 folks before the vault any way you see fit, then open the entryway and go inside. Climb the stepping stool and go left, then utilize the PC there to finish the second goal. Presently make a beeline for the helipad. Murder the gentleman remaining close to the cushion, then the one watching the structures. 3 more foes show up in the far building. Pick them off each one in turn, then anticipate the chopper on the helipad.

Get Priboi walkthrough 

Head straight (along the posterior of the slopes) then turn right and take after the dim way. Get your blade prepared. Watch the bearing the camera is confronting - when it is dismissed, run and enter the entryway. Go into the second room and cut the fellow in the neck. Open the second entryway and kill the 2 folks with your Mp5. Hold up 5 seconds and do a reversal and wound another gentleman in the past room. Presently get the LAW 80 from the primary room, and in addition all the AK47's from the dead folks. Experience the following room and rapidly shoot the camera up and left through the window. Head out of the building. There are 2 folks here, one on your right side, and one watching the green compartments - execute them. Experience the crates and turn right. On the off chance that a caution has sounded by any means, a tank will be here - simply explode it with the LAW 80 (from a separation). Another gentleman will charge at you from back between the crates, so execute him when he arrives.

Take after the divider to one side and experience the opening, overlooking the camera for the present. Execute the solitary gentleman watching the zone, then shoot that camera. Get your Mp5 prepared, then hurried to the entryway underneath the camera. Enter by picking the lock and rapidly slaughter the adversary (on the off chance that you utilize a louder weapon, the others will at present hear you over the gunfire). Take the medipack, then open the entryway and run abandoned the boxes. While the folks are trying the automatic weapons, get them in your sights and dispatch the other LAW 80 amidst them - you ought to have the capacity to execute no less than 3, then the last one with your Spas 12. There is one remaining gentleman in the room you can execute any way you need. Presently gather every one of the weapons, including the nearness mines and JackHammer. Turn off the cameras in transit pull out of the distribution center.

On the off chance that you see any gatekeepers strolling around, kill them with your Dragunov. Presently cross the field to the following target building. Shoot the camera with your AK47, then murder the single watchman touching base from each of the two closest structures. 3 more will keep running from the watchman room - deal with them with your AK47 too. Presently experience the entryway and into the generator room. Move down the stepping stool and utilize the consoles to close down the electric wall. Leave the building and make a beeline for the privilege. Climb the arch, then prepared your JackHammer and slide down the link.

At the following tower, rapidly turn right and clear the fellow out, taking his uzi. Slide down the stepping stool (not the following link), then pick off the 2 folks you can spot (far away) with your Dragunov. Head down the slant and into the garisson huts. There are two folks in the second region that you can wipe out with an AK47 or Uzi. Reload your Uzi, in light of the fact that after you leave the sleeping enclosure, two more folks will show up from the left. Presently raced to the right half of the compound and move over the wall. Circled to the back where you will discover two expansive tubes - set the C4 explosives. Climb rapidly over the back wall and flee.

After the blast, pivot and move over the back wall on the right side, close to the substantial building. Enter through the side entryway with your JackHammer prepared. Shoot as you enter to murder the first gentleman. At that point tread deliberately and you will discover a few others to slaughter. There are 3 entryways - experience the one without anyone else, and slaughter 3 folks on the ground and one on the gallery to one side. Climb the stairs and pursuit each of the 3 file organizers, then do a reversal to the first room. There will be two more folks here, one straight ahead and one far left. Presently take the left one of the two entryways and slaughter one final fellow, before seeking the 2 file organizers to finish the mission.

Border Crossing walkthrough 

Run straight ahead and wound the first fellow, taking his Dragunov. Presently hop an adjacent divider and sit tight for the tank to drive past. Utilize your binoculars and methodology the base, picking off the 6 adversaries you can see. Take after the street to one side of the base, and gather the AK47's the 3 folks you shot who were on the ground. Head into the expansive expanding on the right half of the street and shoot the fellow in white who shows up from behind the containers. Get the Spas 12, then go upstairs for some ammunition and a Desert Eagle. Back in the city, get a Medipack from the little expanding on the left, then enter the far building to get ammunition from the second floor.

Proceed up the road with your Dragunov prepared. Shoot the 2 protects, then get their weapons and run straight up the mountain and around to the next side, sitting tight for the helicopter to cruise by. Presently kill the fellow in the tower with your Dragunov, and also 5 others on the ground, and one in the loft of the house. Keep running down and along the road, and murder another gentleman who remains behind the house. Get your Spas 12 prepared and execute the fellow in the medicinal hovel before getting another Medipack and a LAW 80.

Take after the street (there are mines on either side), and when you get the notice from Anya, kill the fellow in the tower and the gentleman on the walkway to one side. Take out the camera on the tower, then the one to one side - if the 2 watching watchmen on the right see this second camera devastated, you will need to take them both out rapidly to stay away from the alert being raised. Regardless, kill them both when you find the opportunity. Presently take out the third camera to one side and the watchman watching the ground underneath it. Gradually approach the structures, taking after the street. There shouldn't be any more adversaries here. Pick the lock on the door, then get into the truck.

Re-Supply walkthrough 

Rapidly prepared your Dragunov and way out the van, taking spread to one side. Look right and shoot the far camera, then the gatekeeper watching behind the wall. Presently take right and remove the fellow on the far tower who shoots at you. Presently dispose of the other 3 cameras, taking consideration to shoot every one while the other two are confronting the wrong way (hit the stationary one on the right first). Presently cross the yard and kill the fellow in the far tower, then push the catch to open the door. Open the entryway of the second house and toss in a hand projectile, then withdraw - if that doesn't work, shoot the 2 folks who begin to come up short on the house before they can raise the alert. Snatch their AK47's and prepared one. Enter the second stockroom and get the hand projectiles.

Presently do a reversal through the first door and turn right. Enter the gatekeeper post and impair the cameras with the PC. Pick the lock on the adjacent door and gone through. Head around to one side, and shoot the camera up to one side - be prepared for a solitary foe to show up on the gallery before you, and slaughter him. Go inside and rapidly murder a fellow, then take his Spas 12. There is another single gentleman in the space to one side. Go up in the lift. Murder the 4 folks up here, taking the greater part of their weapons. Push the catch here to open the door outside. Go down to the cellar in the lift and murder the gentleman in the space to one side. Presently do a reversal up to the ground floor and leave the base through the open door.

Turn instantly right and go to the watch tower (where you killed that adversary) and take the Dragunov. Slide down the step, and face the foe base ahead. Approach the right side and climb the stepping stool, then bounce to the barrel, then on to the rooftop. Run right and drop to the vast box, then the ground. Prepared the AK47 and continue circling to one side, slaughtering the first foe before he can sound the caution. Pick the lock on the entryway, then go inside and turn left quickly to shoot a camera and execute the fellow underneath it. Slide down the stepping stool and open the way to execute 2 more folks. Take the LAW 80's and homing reference point from the right sound and the guide PC from the left narrows. Exit the building the same way you came in, then turn left. Run straight ahead and slaughter another solitary gentleman, then turn left when you achieve the most distant corner of the compound. Kill the gentleman in the substantial assault rifle post, then circled and leave the base to one side. Utilize your guide PC to help go toward the north, and run straight to target 4 (the SAM) and utilize you're homing reference point on it. Fled to maintain a strategic distance from the air strike.

Murder the 2 or 3 folks who hurried to the blast, then progress to the substantial domed building. Execute the last 2 adversaries here, then enter the arch and push the catch. Leave this little compound and hurried to the helicopter to finish the mission.

Missile Trainyard walkthrough 

Get your M16 A2 prepared, then slide down the step and head right. Take out the gentleman in the nearest watch tower utilizing the A2's touchy (interchange fire). Presently run most of the way over the extension, and utilize the binoculars to point precisely so you can pick off the foe in the following watch tower with your A2. Sit tight for a gentleman to watch past the inverse end of the scaffold, and bring him out with another A2 touchy. Race to the end of the extension and utilize your binoculars to pick off a gentleman on a brought walkway up in the separation. Presently go abandoned the sentry post. Head up the incline and keep running along the stage, taking out 2 more adversaries. Continue going straight and murder the fellow remaining behind the truck, then utilize the mounted automatic rifle to wipe out the last two running officers.

Leave the post and climb the stepping stool to get the Dragunov from the raised walkway. Kill 3 folks watching a short separation away, and 2 folks in a removed control tower. Head to target 1 on your guide. Open the entryway and begin going through the rooms. Kill 1 in the second room, then 2 in the entryway of the following. Come back to the past space to murder a fellow tailing you, then a last one in the last room. In the event that the caution gets raised, turn it off ASAP. Utilize the PC in this building to impair the security cameras.

Exit the house and travel west. Prepared your A2 and execute anybody you see in transit. Finish the train the doors before they close and tackle the gathering of red berets assaulting from the privilege. Pick the lock on the back of the train and murder the 2 folks in the back carriage. Continue experiencing the following carriages, shooting the red berets outside the train as they see you. Priboi is in the last carriage.

Defend Priboi walkthrough 

Prepared the glock and head to the open entryway, slaughtering the solitary fellow (or simply let Priboi do it). Take the uzi and prepared it, then head left. There are 3 or 4 folks watching the zone, incorporating one stowing away in a shed - slaughter the greatest number of them as you can before Priboi enters the territory (especially the fellow in the shed). Take after Priboi to the center of the compound, where he will instruct you to look the distribution centers. Go to the distribution center on the right, slaughtering the gentleman in the front yard, then open the entryway and murder the solitary adversary. Take the nearness mines and the ammunition. Exit the distribution center and turn right. Get your blade prepared and go into the house. Kill the fellow rapidly in the second room, then one in each of the following 2 rooms too. Go out and press the catch in the sentry post to open the entryway. Go through the entryway and straight to the following zone.

Head down the fundamental road and spot 2 nearness mines on the most distant side of the fourth expanding on the left (space them out to deal with 4 foes who will keep running past here later). Presently prepared your M16 A2 and take after Priboi into the second house on the left. Keep running back outside to sit tight for a truck to arrive - slaughter the 4 folks with an A2 dangerous. Another truck will touch base from the flip side of the road - you will most likely need no less than two A2 explosives to slaughter every one of the folks from that point. Presently go to the third floor of the second target building and snatch the LAW80. Head back outside and execute around 10 folks with any weapon you pick. Discover and explode the tank with the LAW80, then do a reversal to the top of the second target building and board the helicopter.

Eagle's Nest 1 walkthrough 

Get your Mp5 prepared. Head down the incline and shoot the gentleman in the water tower, then summary and cut the fellow at its base. Circled the corner and shoot the gentleman through the window. Proceed around and murder another fellow close to the base of a step. There is another adversary through a gap in the divider - execute him then go inside for a few explosives and a Spas 12. Presently do a reversal outside. Toss a projectile up to the second floor and sit tight for it to blast. Ascend and snatch the weapons, then murder the few remaining foes you can see outside. Get up onto the rooftop by hopping on the crates, and get the expert rifleman rifle, then prepared the Spas 12. Slide down the first link and rapidly slaughter the fellow beside you and the one underneath. Slide to the following tower and shoot the fellow underneath. Presently approach the following base by walking.

From a suitable vantage point, kill the folks in the far watch towers, the camera and the gentleman closest the camera. Prepare your Mp3 and execute the fellow on the nearest watch tower, then go to the gatekeeper post and take the ammunition. Turn off the cameras utilizing the PC, then enter the carport and snatch the explosives, M16 and ammunition. Presently approach the generator building, shooting the single watchman and the 2 cameras. Go inside and down to the base floor - utilize the console. Presently leave this building and the base, heading off to the third compound.

Utilizing your Mp5, slaughter the gentleman watching on the left, then the fellow in the sentry box. Utilize an A2 touchy to impact the garisson huts containing 3 commanders, then enter the sentry box and press the catch to open the door (NOT the one to sound the alert). Enter the base and execute the 3 remaining gatekeepers, and the single camera. Pick the lock on the entryway, then experience to the link auto.

Eagle's Nest 2 walkthrough 

Turn left and bounce up the stairs, murdering the 2 folks straight ahead. Take their firearms and execute a fellow in the passage to one side. Open the way to one side and keep running forward, slaughtering a fellow who enters from the left. There is some ammunition and another adversary in the hallway to one side. Come back to the fundamental passage and continue going to discover another entryway. Open this and instantly murder the gentleman to one side, then the one around to one side. Press the catch and enter the lift. Prepared an AK47 about at this point. Enter the lift and go up. At the point when the entryways open, slaughter the fellow to one side.

Utilize your guide to time a keep running outside to kill the fellow watching around this building. Prepared the Dragunov and stroll to the pale wale toward the north of the building. Pivot and kill the 2 folks on the huge divider. Pick off the solitary fellow watching the zone and take his Minimi. Presently travel west and swing to confront the opening to one side. Kill the gentleman you can see on the top of the removed building. Stroll through and pick off 2 more folks on the high divider. Head behind the shelter and bounce up the heap of boxes into the following zone. Head carefully through the passage and utilize your guide. Sit tight for the watching fellow to be traveling north and be past the stationary gentleman. Execute the stationary fellow to begin with, then the watching one. Enter the nearest building to discover a medipack. Go into the house to one side of the stationary (and now dead) gentleman to get some ammunition for the Dragunov. Presently about-face outside and pick off 2 folks on the high divider. Approach the entryway and pick off the fellow on the second floor overhang of the building. Push the catch to one side to open the door.

Experience and head right. Murder the gentleman out yonder, then turn left before the watchman HQ and slaughter another fellow. Hold up here and another gentleman will approach - execute him. There are 2 further folks on the high divider to pick off. Travel west and note 2 rocks you can use to hop over the wall. Prepared your AK47. Take after the building and open the entryway, then rapidly murder the fellow remaining there. Take after the entry and descend the stepping stool, then open the entryway, remaining to one side of it so you can rapidly murder the gentleman to one side. There is another fellow taking cover behind a truck in this room. After he is dead, experience to the outside once more, preparing your Dragunov.

Embrace the left divider and sneak along, picking off the gentleman to one side when you can. Presently reflect the activity, murdering the fellow to one side. There is one more gentleman to murder in the zone, before you can keep running crosswise over to the lift. Go down in the lift and murder the 2 folks with your AK47. Experience the entryway and murder the last fellow, then proceed with straight into the following zone. Climb the stepping stool and open the entryway, then sit tight for the mission to wrap up.

Nuclear Infiltration walkthrough 

Climb the slope to one side and prepared your Dragunov - be mindful so as not to waste ammunition on this level as it is rare. Murder the gatekeeper on the watch tower, then the gentleman watching to the far right, and the single camera. Prepare the M16 A2 and enter the base, shooting 3 folks on the ground before you, and preparing an AK47. Enter the distribution center straight ahead and gather explosives for the A2. Utilize your guide to recognize a gentleman watching adjacent - exit the distribution center and execute him. Continue going and pick off a fellow watching the scaffold in front of you. Swing left to see 2 sleeping enclosure - open the entryway of the left and toss in an explosive. Do likewise with the second sleeping enclosure, then go into both and gather loads of ammunition.

Take after the extension and about most of the way along, utilize your Dragunov to kill a fellow on a second floor overhang to one side. Utilize an AK47 to execute the gentleman watching the ground underneath him. Enter the building for a medipack and some ammunition. Exit the building and enter the following one to discover a lift - push the catch and go down. Stand on the right side to murder a gentleman on the left when the entryway opens. Hold up before the nearby and a fellow will open it - slaughter him. Continue through the hallway to the nearby - open it then withdraw. 2 folks will hurry through, so slaughter them. Experience the entryway and slaughter the gentleman watching, then get the JackHammer and ammunition from a work area in the following room. Execute the two folks behind the adjacent, then turn right and prepare your JackHammer. Open the entryway and kill the first fellow, then sit tight for a brief moment gentleman. There are a few more folks in the accompanying few rooms - murder them when you see them. Push the lift fasten and go to the surface.

Execute the 4 folks in the region (utilize the guide to distinguish their areas). Go into the distribution centers to discover 3 Flashbangs and 3 explosives. Circled behind the safe house and murder a solitary watching adversary. Prepared your Dragunov and enter the following territory. Kill the gentleman in the substantial automatic rifle post, then the fellow on the watch tower. Additionally take out the 2 folks on the top of the correspondence focus, the one on the second floor of the same building, and the one on the fuel dump to one side. Presently hurried to the overwhelming assault rifle post and shoot the fellow watching close to the little carport. Likewise murder the one before the safe house, then head up the watch tower and pick off the remaining adversaries with your Dragunov (on the off chance that you require more projectiles, get them from the fellow on the fuel dump). Head inside the interchanges focus and murder the gentleman in the space to one side to finish the mission.

Finding the Bomb walkthrough 

Walk somewhat left and kill the fellow on the walkway above utilizing your Dragunov. Presently keep running over the room and enter the weapons stockpiling to gather firearms and ammunition. Experience the passage to one side and execute the adversary with your Mp5. Take his AK47 and prepare it, then take after the passage to slaughter 2 folks in the following room. Get in the lift and go down. Take after the entry to the adjacent and open it. Slaughter the gentleman on the left, then the fellow on the privilege. Stroll around to one side and rapidly shoot a third gentleman, then take his Spas 12. Hop up on the crates in the corner, then pick off the folks in the nearby range. Utilize the PC, then utilize the lift to return to the first floor.

Keep running back to the passage to the weapons stockpiling - open the entryway and rapidly execute 3 folks. Sneak around to one side and shoot the LAW80 at the tank to devastate it. Rapidly prepared your M16 A2 and murder the fellow who runs out at you. Murder the gentleman before the way to one side, then open it. Keep running down the section and shoot the single foe. Prepare your Mp5 and open the way on your right side. Go straight then turn upward and shoot a camera before a sentry firearm. Proceed with and shoot another camera. Note the entryway here, yet don't open it yet. Go into the room on the left to get a JackHammer and some ammunition. Go into the keep going room on the privilege to get 3 Flashbangs. Presently go and open that entryway, shooting the assaulting gentleman with your JackHammer. Prepared a projectile, then open the nearby and toss it, running down the section before it blasts. Presently go and snatch the Medipack and the ammunition. Utilize the PC the turn off the sentry firearm, then open the adjacent and shoot the gentleman. At the crossing point, turn right and slaughter another foe, then keep on discovering an entryway. Open it and swing left to see a stepping stool - slide down and promptly run directly into a side room. Shoot the two folks with your JackHammer and utilize the PC to re-focus on the sentry firearms. Exit the room and slide down a stepping stool to one side, then slide down another straight ahead.

Sit tight for the sentry weapons to slaughter all the adversaries, then head straight and left to discover an entryway - 3 folks will open the entryway, so shoot them with your JackHammer. Enter the entry and turn left, murdering the fellow around the first curve. Turn comfortable T convergence, then at the following crossing point shoot the camera. Murder the gentleman who arrives. Proceed with straight and prepare the AK47. Push the catch by the entryway, then go into the room. Pivot and execute 2-4 adversaries as they gone through the entryway behind you. Utilize the lift, then open the entryway and execute the following adversary. Shoot the camera, then take after the section to the adjacent. Open it and shoot another camera with your Mp5, then associate left and kill a gentleman and a camera with your Dragunov. Get your JackHammer prepared and take after the way to a crossing point - turn left and rapidly murder 2 folks. Take after the section until you see a convergence ahead - toss an explosive at it, then withdraw. Go ahead and gather the weapons from the 2 dead folks.

Open the entryway and get another explosive prepared. Development to the crevice between boxes on the left and toss an explosive. Development down the stairs, murdering the 2 folks. Open the entryway, discarding another projectile straight. After it blasts, go into the room and murder the fellow behind the PCs. Open the entryway and slither to the edge. Look down and murder 3 folks on levels beneath you - pay special mind to a gentleman on the same level too. Go down to the base level and enter the passage.

Prepared your vicinity mines - place 1 oblivious room straightforwardly inverse, then one on each of the two green machines. Ascend with your JackHammer prepared, and stroll back until you see a foe behind the glass. Shoot him and the fellow who leaves the room. Presently go unside and utilize the PC. Murder the folks who show up on the same level as you, then one above and any beneath who miss the mines (ought to be none). Presently go down and enter the passage, murdering the solitary foe. Snatch the Medipack in the following room, then experience the way to one side. Slide down the step and shoot the gentleman who charges, then murder Ekk. Secure Anya until the end of the amusement.