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Just got an iPhone for Christmas? Download Now!

Just got an iPhone for Christmas? Download Now! - So you've quite recently unwrapped a glossy new iPhone, exchanged it on and marked in with your Apple account… Congratulations! You're currently an iPhone proprietor, and you more likely than not been, great this year for Santa to leave this under your tree.

In any case, what now? It's a great opportunity to benefit as much as possible from your new handset, and that implies getting some top applications on it. Here's our pick of the 15 applications you have to download on your new iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus or 5S.

Amazon Kindle

Apple's iBooks is a strong book perusing application, however there's a more basic issue than how swishy turning the pages is. The stage. Basically, the iBooks list isn't as extensive as Amazon's computerized Kindle index, so in the event that you need the best determination of books to peruse you have to run with Amazon.

There's likewise the included favorable position that in the event that you stay with Amazon, your ebooks get to be gadget freethinker. As there's a Kindle application accessible for Android and the web program, on the off chance that you choose to make the move to Android in a couple of years you won't lose access to your bookshelf with it.


Your new iPhone will have an implicit climate application, which is fine for a snappy look at the figure, however for those needing more data you'll have to look somewhere else.

AccuWeather is a standout amongst the most achieved climate offerings on the App Store, and its RealFeel information can let you know exactly how hot or frosty you'll feel when you venture outside. There's additionally an Apple Watch application as well, giving you the most recent data on your wrist.

Google Photos

It's critical to keep your photographs went down. That way, if the most noticeably bad happens and your telephone is crushed or stolen, you won't lose your valuable recollections.

Google Photos is the application best situated to help with this. The all-powerful Google in its big-hearted insight offers free, boundless photograph storage room - and will naturally take a gander at your camera roll and transfer anything new.

Even better, once transferred not just will your snaps be accessible on any gadget and the web, however Google will likewise list them to a dreadful degree utilizing its propelled machine figuring out how to make sense of what precisely is in the photographs.

Google Calendar

Another application that is superior to the one Apple gives is Google Calendar.

Not just will it more dependably keep your arrangements in a state of harmony than the inherent date-book, yet it additionally defaults on the "Motivation" view - which the authority application declines to.

In the event that you make a meeting with a location Google remembers, it will shade the arrangement box with a guide. In the event that you utilize a catchphrase like "Xmas", it will give it a Christmas subject, et cetera. Basically it is extremely rich, and does the employment it should pleasantly - and what more would you be able to ask from a schedule?


WhatsApp is a standout amongst the most fundamental applications you can introduce on your iOS gadget, particularly on the off chance that you have loved ones over the world.

As opposed to stressing over your SMS remittance or signal, WhatsApp gives you a chance to send messages over any Wi-Fi or portable information association. You can likewise send and get photographs with no size confinements, and in case you're utilizing Wi-Fi (or you have boundless portable information) they won't cost you any additional to send.


In the event that you need to know how to get from A to B in one of the world's real urban communities, whether it's London, New York, Paris or a huge amount of others, CityMapper is your most solid option with regards to mastering open transport like a neighborhood.

The application utilizes continuous sustains from diverse open transport offices to ascertain your ideal course. It will demonstrat to all of you the distinctive choices, transport, train, metro and so on, with points of interest on which will be quicker and which will cost more. In addition it can likewise demonstrat to you an equivalent taxi or Uber cost.

CityMapper is extraordinary as a result of the greater part of the additional extravagant accessories as well: It'll even let you know the ideal spot to remain on a stage for a speedy trade, and you can set it to vibrate and alarm you when you get to the right transport stop.


The cutting edge world is one of numerous gadgets. You may utilize a portable PC at work, read utilizing your telephone on the transport and kick back on the couch with your tablet… yet consider the possibility that you need to send something between them.

PushBullet is an overlooked yet super valuable little application which makes sending content between gadgets a breeze. Just append the photograph or glue the connection or message and hit send, and you'll get a warning on other different gadgets.

You can even send and get stuff with companions. There's basically an inherent informing customer as well.

BitTorrent Sync

On the off chance that you need to exchange records from your PC to your new iPhone, especially on the off chance that they are expansive, then one of the most ideal approaches to do it utilizing Sync from BitTorrent. Try not to stress - this isn't anything dodgy or theft related - it's an application for exchanging your own particular documents utilizing the BitTorrent convention.

What makes it especially valuable for expansive records is the way BitTorrent works. It fundamentally separates records into littler parts and exchange them pieces at once. This implies if the association is hindered for any reason, it can continue from where it exited off.

Once the documents are on your iPhone, you can then either open them in the application on the off chance that they are pictures or recordings, or send them to different applications on your telephone to open there.


The considerable, yet baffling thing about the web is that there is such a great amount to peruse. By what means would we be able to discover the time? Instapaper takes care of this issue in two stages.

In the first place, you introduce the Instapaper bookmarklet on your PC and when you run over an incredible #longread that you don't have time for, essentially hit "Read Later". At that point on the off chance that you make a beeline for the application, you'll see it has showed up there for perusing, and has been naturally designed for paginated perusing like a book.

You can even read logged off and synchronize it later, so is ideal for tackling a plane or prepare as well.


While cell phones will never completely substitute the desktop Photoshop experience for picture altering (regardless of what an iPad Pro and Pencil stylus might attempt to influence you), Snapseed is awesome for making little changes on the go.

Crop out that clumsy thing out of sight, alter the complexity or presentation - or apply Instagram style channels, so you can make certain that your photographs aren't excessively humiliating.


The best motion picture player for desktop is likewise accessible on iOS. Supporting a bewildering exhibit of codecs and filetypes, if VLC can't play it nothing will.

The iOS application has heated in backing for playing records direct from Google Drive, Dropbox and different administrations - and also wifi exchange with a PC.

Tweetbot 4

On the off chance that you utilize Twitter, you deserve to get Tweetbot 4 for your new iPhone. Certainly, it'll set you back £3.99 not at all like the official Twitter application, yet it is an incomprehensibly enhanced ordeal.

With backing for numerous records, matching up courses of events crosswise over gadgets (so you can keep perusing your tweets from where you cleared out off), and a more rational way to deal with notice and different exercises (like favoriting), it makes Twitter a delight to utilize.


Mysteriously, a few individuals haven't got the reminder that it is 21st century and still demands doing things with paper. Luckily, your 21st century gadget can make a move.

Scanbot will empower you to utilize your iPhone camera as an imitation scanner, to photo and arrange reports in a way that is simpler to think back through later.


Taxi firm (sad, Private Driver firm) Uber is a massively disputable organization… however annoyingly, similar to all enormous and questionable organizations (taking a gander at you, Amazon), the administration gave is super superb.

On the off chance that you live in a major city, this application is key to offering you some assistance with getting around. An enormous change on the conventional taxi experience, you can track your driver continuously, tap in your destination to spare clumsy depictions of where to go and even impart your area to the individual you're flying out to meet.


Lastly… some flaunting. Periscope, which is made by Twitter, empowers you to live stream video from your telephone straight to the web, with the majority of your supporters getting a notice so they can join in and visit with you live.

Whether there is much utility in Periscope stays to be seen, as the application is fairly new, yet as an announcement of what our telephones are equipped for it is tremendously amazing.

Simply recollect one thing however: Friends don't let companions film in Portr


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