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SHAREIt – Connect & Share files fast

Here is amazing app to share images, videos, mucis, files and many more with your friends without internet. You can share files with many devices such as PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Android Smartphones, iPhones etc. As well this SHAREIt application is faster than Bluetooth share because this application uses WIFI technology. This is now like others means there are now no limit to share files and you can share files unlimited. And we must offer our thanks to the developers of SHAREIt because it is a free and download available software. Watch the video review below.
transfer large files

SHAREIt Review

DownloadNow – Microsoft Windows Version
DownloadNow – version Android Smartphone version
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You can install this software to your PC and you can share your films, Music, videos more than easily with your Computer to Tablets, Android and iPhones.