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Samsung's "Arena" Motion Controllers For Gear VR Look Pretty Great

Samsung's "Arena" Motion Controllers For Gear VR Look Pretty Great - A couple of days prior, Samsung shared a couple of things that they'd be appearing on the floor at CES in Las Vegas. One of them, which scarcely brought on a blip on the radar was the "arena." It's Samsung's movement controllers for the Gear VR, something that is woefully required for their versatile virtual reality experience.

On the off chance that you recollect, Oculus recently shared that their own movement controllers, the Touch, will be deferred until the second 50% of 2016. HTC and Playstation likewise have their own kind of controllers.

Observe Samsung's arena in real life underneath: 

I'm anticipating having the capacity to pour through menus utilizing the controller, which looks a touch like interfacing with screens in the motion picture Minority Report. Photographs of the arena, which are essentially all that we have other than the video, show what it may be similar to sort on a virtual console. Fundamentally, it'll do route more than a Wii controller will, despite the fact that Samsung looks like situating it as something comparable.

So Samsung has gotten Oculus substance to customers quicker with their Gear VR association, and now is planning to get individuals used to utilizing their hands as a part of VR… maybe before Oculus can, once more. No other data, including cost or dispatch date has been shared, yet how about we keep our fingers crossed it's at some point before the mid year. We'll know more one week from no