BlackBerry Lays Off 200, Pointing to Shift Away from Phones

BlackBerry Lays Off 200, Pointing to Shift Away from Phones - In what gives off an impression of being a piece of its conservation from making telephones, BlackBerry said on Friday that it has laid off 200 laborers at its head office in Ontario and at an office in Florida.

John S. Chen, the organization's official director and CEO, is moving BlackBerry to an organization to a great extent taking into account offering programming and administrations to organizations and governments. He has over and over made it clear that the organization will keep on creating telephones, the item that made BlackBerry an easily recognized name, just if that business can at any rate equal the initial investment.

The majority of the cutbacks happened at the organization's central station in Waterloo, Ontario, and some at an office in Florida. On Thursday, BlackBerry documented a notification with the State of Florida showing that 75 individuals at a branch in Sunrise would be given up for the current month.

"As BlackBerry keeps on executing its turnaround arrangement, we stay concentrated on driving efficiencies over our worldwide workforce," the organization's announcement said. "This implies finding better approaches to empower us to benefit from development opportunities, while heading toward manageable gainfulness over all parts of our business."

In an emotional movement, BlackBerry presented a telephone a year ago that uses Google's Android working framework instead of its BlackBerry 10 programming.

A month ago, Mr. Chen wrote in a blog entry that he is not abandoning BlackBerry 10, which the organization's past administration had trusted would restore the brand to its previous magnificence. "We're not surrendering the faithful clients who have added to our prosperity," Mr. Chen composed.

Be that as it may, his dedication stretched out just to upgrades in the BlackBerry 10 programming and left open the eventual fate of telephones in light of that working framework. The main telephone arrangement he uncovered was the presentation of a second Android phone.
 "We'll share more insights about our guide when we're prepared," Mr. Chen composed.

A continuous movement to Android would dispense with a lot of BlackBerry's peculiarity, however it permits the organization to conquer the relative deficiency of applications made for BlackBerry 10. Additionally, by moving the weight of building up the working framework to Google, Mr. Chen will have the capacity to promote decrease costs by shedding more representative