How to use Android Phone as Modem (Internet Connection)

Internet via USB - Android Phone as Modem
How to use Android Phone as Modem - As 3G and 4G or LTE are spreading quick all over Pakistan, and right now accessible in many parts of world, which is solid option of routine web availability alternatives, and commonly we need to utilize our Android cell phones or Tablet to fill in as modem, if there should be an occurrence of no DSL or other Internet network choices because of any reason (more particular to Pakistan, Bad climate, Rain, amid travel we can not settle on WiMax or WCDMA association which is much too moderate and detach now and again.) Here is an orderly manual for utilize your Android cell phone or tablet as Modem with your Laptop or PC by utilizing USB information link. Despite the fact that Wifi Hotspot and Bluetooth tying choices arrive as well, yet some of the time we require a link association with do the things.

Essential Requirements: 

Connecting Phone with Laptop

Interfacing Phone with Laptop

1. Android Phone or Tablet with USB link

2. Portable PC or PC with free USB space

3. Android Phones driver(s)


Step 1 - Interface the USB link's littler end to your Android telephone and the flip side to your PC.

Step 2 - Press the "Home" catch and afterward the "Menu" catch.

Step 3 - Tap "Settings," "More" from the Wireless and Networks segment and afterward "Tying and Portable Hotspot."

Step 4 - Check "USB Tethering" to build up a USB information association on your PC. (ensure your Android telephone is associated with PC through USB)

Step 5 - Click on system tab in errand bar of your Laptop/PC, after some time it will begin web – check by utilizing your progra