This iPhone change lets you control your Home screen with a Bluetooth console

This change lets you control your Home screen with a Bluetooth console - On the off chance that you utilize a Bluetooth console with your iPad, or even with your iPhone or iPod touch (albeit more outlandish), then you may appreciate another jailbreak change called Keyhook, which is currently accessible in Cydia for $1.99.

Keyhook will permit you to control your Home screen with your Bluetooth console; this incorporates selecting applications, dispatching applications, and moving between Home screen pages.

About Keyhook 

Keyhook is an exceptionally cool verification of-idea change that permits you to dispatch applications from your Home screen with a Bluetooth console, and this incorporates Apple's own Bluetooth console, yet you can even utilize outsider ones and they'll work fine and dandy as well.

The changes is by all accounts pointed for the most part at individuals who utilize a Bluetooth console with their gadget consistently, and I think it'll offer for the most part to iPad clients who utilize a Bluetooth console to sort up archives in applications, for example, Microsoft Word or Pages when the iPad's product console simply isn't adequate to take care of business.

Clearly, this would chip away at the iPhone and iPod touch also, yet I think iPhone clients are significantly more averse to tie a Bluetooth console to their gadget on the grounds that the littler screen is less fitting for efficiency. By the by, you can in any case utilize a Bluetooth console to sort archives on your iPhone simply like you can on the iPad, so maybe it will at present pull in a group of people.

The workings of Keyhook 

The change is exceptionally easy to take after – there are charges for moving your selector around the Home screen to choose an application, there are summons for getting to your Dock's application symbols, and there are additionally orders for exchanging through your different Home screen pages. The charges are as per the following:

The bolt keys on your console explore application symbols on your Home screen

The arrival/enter key on your console dispatches the chose application

The Command (⌘) and bolt keys on your console will switch pages

The Command (⌘) and 1-9 keys on your console can choose Dock applications

While the Bluetooth console is utilized to explore applications on the Home screen, a selector shows up over the application symbol you're at present going to dispatch, as the Cydia application is in the screenshot beneath:

keyhook app selector

Is the change justified, despite all the trouble?

Keyhook adds some fascinating usefulness to jailbroken iOS gadgets, however is it worth the sticker price of $1.99?

I for one feel that the change might be a $0.99 change with a marginally soak cost in light of the fact that the common sense of such a change is extraordinarily restricted. In any case, Bluetooth jailbreak changes have a long history of being entirely expensive (recollect Celeste?) and any individual who utilizes a Bluetooth console consistently on their iOS gadgets, whichever they might be, may acknowledge being able to extend its use to the Home screen.

Regardless of whether that gratefulness makes the change precious to you is totally up to you and your supposition, however as I would like to think, it's to a greater degree an utilitarian oddity than something I'd instantly prescribe to anybody with a jailbroken gadget.

Remember, in the event that you don't have a Bluetooth console, you'd need to go out and purchase one as well.


Keyhook is a truly cool jailbreak change that adds support for Bluetooth consoles to the Home screen on your iOS device(s) for effortlessly exploring it and propelling applications from it. In spite of the fact that it fills a need for a few clients, it is somewhat steep in cost for what it does and it has a particular corner to fill.