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Customize your iPhone/iPad through Genous Cydia Tweak!

Customize your iPhone/iPad through Genous Cydia Tweak! - One of the best point of interest of Android over iOS is the level of customization it offers its clients. Nonetheless, because of Jailbreaking and Cydia changes, iPhone clients can accomplish some customization alternatives. In the event that you have been searching for a Cydia change to modify your homescreen, look no further as we have quite recently found a one for you.

Genous is yet another Cydia change that will convey the iOS customization to entire new level by permitting you do a ton with your iPhone and make it work as per you're loving. For instance, with it you can change line check, section tally, symbol size, and symbol insets for each of the pages in your springboard format. Accordingly, by having Genous Cydia change chipping away at your iPhone, it is anything but difficult to have a 3*3 design on your landing page and a 5*5 format on the following page, et cetera.

Contingent on the introduction you require, you can change the settings bolt as needs be. As such, your settings for scene can be entirely unexpected to the settings introduced for representation et cetera. It is genuinely simple to change the settings and have them conjured in your iPhone. Be that as it may, for this, you have to twofold tap on the page you're in right now and get on to the Genous menu.

Genous Cydia Tweak
Modify your iPhone/iPad through Genous Cydia Tweak! 
When the Genous menu gets summoned, you'll be given a menu involving 5 alternatives. The first of these choices is section number, with + and – catches accessible on both sides. Utilizing these catches you can include or lessen the segments you require. The following choice before you is line check whose control framework is like that of segment number. The symbol size choice lets you to change the measure of symbols. You can utilize this choice to oblige for applications, on the off chance that you require. The + and – catches accessible for this alternative speak to the rate of what your symbol must be. The reset alternative accessible to you on the screen arrives to help you reset your current page to default values.

This experience-changing with this Cydia change is certain to change the way you utilize your iPhone/iPad. Let us know your comments about this astounding Cydia change.