iOS 9 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features 50+

iOS 9 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features - Utilize this rundown of iOS 9 tips, traps and concealed elements that will offer you some assistance with doing more with your iPhone or iPad without burning through cash on applications and frill.

We'll demonstrat to you what you can do with your iPhone or iPad and iOS 9, iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2 to open the maximum capacity of your gadget. This is overhauled with new tips and traps, and also a couple iOS 9 shrouded includes even power clients will experience difficulty finding.

For some clients who are simply getting used to iOS 9 and the iPhone, this is a top to bottom take a gander at the things you didn't know the iPhone could do.

You don't have to peruse the iOS 9 manual to end up an expert of iOS 9, however you should realize where to tap and how to utilize new iOS 9 highlights on your gadgets. You can likewise realize what's new in iOS 9.3, which is going to your iPhone and iPad in March.

With supercharged inquiry, new Siri includes and redesigned choices, there is a considerable measure you can control to make your iPhone work for you on iOS 9.

You'll have to introduce the free overhaul to utilize these iOS 9 tips and traps on iPhone and iPad. The majority of these work on all the iPhone and iPad models, yet some require a fresher gadget to work.

You'll begin to see some of these shrouded iOS 9 tips and traps in a portion of the Apple advertisements, yet others are covered somewhere down in the settings of your iPhone or iPad.

Call and Text Shortcuts

Quickly reach your contacts.

The new prescient iOS 9 look incorporates your present contacts. You can rapidly call or message these contacts with two taps.

At the point when on the new hunt page to one side of your home screen tap on a contact photograph to see call and message choices. On the off chance that you hunt down a contact in spotlight you'll additionally see the choice to tap to call, content or video call.

Attract iOS 9 Notes App

Draw in Notes on iOS 9.

The new iOS 9 Notes application gives you a chance to attract on the screen to take notes on your iPhone or iPad. This is a helpful approach to draw out something that would be difficult to sort.

On the off chance that you don't promptly see it, tap on the + symbol and after that on the squiggly line to pull up your alternatives including a marker, pen and pencil. You can utilize the ruler for straight lines or draw freehand. Tap the circle to change the shade of your written work instruments.

Make a To Do List in Notes

You can now make schedules in Notes for iOS 9 that you can confirm, and that match up to different gadgets on iOS 9 and additionally OS X El Capitan.

Keep a to do list in Notes.

Make another note and in the event that you don't see a check mark symbol, tap on the + over the console. At that point tap on the checkmark symbol right over the console. Begin writing your rundown, press enter to include another thing. Tap on the circle to check it as complete.

Add Photos and Links to Notes

Another exceptionally convenient new iOS 9 Notes highlight is the choice to add connections and connections to Notes. This makes it simple to keep connections and photographs identified with your note all in one spot.

Add photos and links to notes on iOS 9.

On the off chance that you are in Safari or taking a gander at a photograph you can press the offer symbol and afterward pick Notes to make another note or add to a current Note. You can add a photograph to Notes by tapping the camera symbol in the Notes application.

Open Transportation Directions in Apple Maps

Apple Maps at long last backings open travel bearings in Apple Maps. This just works in bigger urban communities, so you can't utilize it in each area, however it works in numerous enormous urban areas. The headings incorporate strolling bearings between the different travel choices and it incorporates the calendars.

Get public transportation directions in iOS 9.

In Apple Maps, when you select headings you can now pick travel bearings that will demonstrate to you best practices to get starting with one place then onto the next utilizing open transportation alternatives.

Use iOS 9 Low Power Mode

At the point when your iPhone battery is low the iPhone will provoke you to turn on Low Power Mode for more battery life, however you can turn this on physically whenever.

Go to Settings - > Battery - > Low Power Mode - > On. You can physically kill this on and as you need it.

Make your battery last longer with Low Power Mode on iOS 9.

Stream High Quality Apple Music on LTE

iOS 9 Tips - High Quality Apple Music LTE

Apple Music now permits clients to stream fantastic music over LTE. Go to Settings - > Music - > High Quality on Cellular.

Add iCloud Drive to Your Home Screen

iOS 9 tips - iCloud Drive

On the off chance that you utilize iCloud Drive to match up documents between your iPhone, iPad and Mac you can now add the iCloud application to your home screen for quick access to your records. On the off chance that you didn't add this to your home screen directly in the wake of introducing iOS 9 you have to go to Settings - > iCloud - > Show on Home Screen. Presently you can move the application around like a typical application.

Get some information about What You're Looking At - Siri

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 11

Have you ever been taking a gander at a page, an email or a note on your iPhone and wished Siri could undoubtedly remind you to take a gander at it later without the bothers of portraying it or duplicating and sticking?

With iOS 9 you can open Siri and basically say, "Siri Remind me about this," with an area or date and time and Siri will add that particular thing to your updates and appear with a connection to that thing at the perfect time or place.

Select Multiple Photos Fast

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 12

Disregard tapping on twelve photographs when you need to choose numerous things. Rather go to Photos - > tap Select - > tap and drag to one side or left to begin selecting different photographs and after that you can go up or down to incorporate another line.

Conceal Photos in iOS 9

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 13

You can now conceal numerous photographs immediately in iOS 9. In your photograph library basic select the photographs you would prefer not to appear there and afterward tap on the offer symbol and afterward cover up.

Use WiFi Assist to Avoid Crappy WiFi

iOS 9 incorporates another component that will fall back to your LTE association when you are on a poor WiFi association that is too moderate, problematic or if the Internet association for that WiFi signal drops out.

Go to Settings - > Cellular - > Scroll the distance to the base - > WiFi Assist - > On. When you have issues with WiFi it ought to fall back over to your LTE association.

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 10

Set Default Video Modes for Camera

In iOS 9 you can now advise the iPhone to record at a particular determination and framerate and what sort of slo movement video to record.

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 9

Go to Settings - > Photos and Camera - > Record Video and Record Slo-mo - > Pick the alternative you need to utilize.

Make Siri Stop Talking

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 8

Go to Settings - > General - > Siri - > Voice Feedback - > Control with Ring Switch. With this setting turned on Siri won't talk comes about back to you when you have your telephone ring switch set to quiet. You will at present get voice criticism when you utilize Hey Siri and when you are associated with Bluetooth or an auto hands free framework.

Conceal Apps from New iPhone Search

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 7

The iPhone seek instruments in iOS 9 are all the more capable, including the capacity to profound inquiry inside your applications. In the event that you need to stay away from data from some of these applications showing up in the fundamental iPhone query items you can reject the applications. Go to Settings - > General - > Spotlight Search - > Uncheck the applications you don't need in Spotlight.

Utilize Two Apps on the double on the iPad Air 2

Open an application that backings this, swipe in from the privilege, pick the application you need then tap and drag the slider from the right window to the center of the screen. Here are more point by point bearings on the most proficient method to utilize two applications in the meantime on the iPad with iOS 9.

Use iPad Pop Out Video

With iOS 9 you can now pop out video from some applications to a little moveable window that gives you a chance to watch a video while working in another application. This at present works in Apple applications and Hulu, and we hope to see more applications bolster it soon.

To utilize it, open a video application and afterward utilize the little catch in the lower right or simply press the video catch while the video is playing.

iPad Slide Out Multitasking

You needn't bother with the most up to date iPad to utilize a littler, yet at the same time helpful rendition of iPad multitasking. Rather than opening an application to full screen, you can utilize the Slide Out element to access an assortment of applications that permit you to control a few things without leaving your primary application. See this in real life in the video over this area.

Select Text Faster in iOS 9

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 5

When you have to choose content on the iPad with iOS 9, you can now utilize two fingers on the console to transform it into a touchpad like ordeal that lets you select content less demanding.

At the point when in a record, you can put two fingers on the console and move them marginally to begin the determination process. It takes a little practice, yet once you get it beat, you'll have the capacity to choose message quicker.

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts Amp Productivity

The new iOS 9 iPad console incorporates easy routes that make it less demanding to accomplish more on your iPad with both an on-screen console and with a Bluetooth console.

The new iOS 9 keyboard includes useful new features.

At the point when utilizing the on-screen console, you'll see alternatives to cut, duplicate and glue, and also choices for application particular easy routes, as in Notes and other Apple applications.

In the event that you associate a Bluetooth console you can at present appreciate some of these advantages with a little on screen toolbar of alternate ways that you can reach up to.

Speedier Access to Apple Pay

The new iOS 9 iPad console incorporates alternate routes that make it less demanding to accomplish more on your iPad with both an on-screen console and with a Bluetooth console.

At the point when utilizing the on-screen console, you'll see alternatives to cut, duplicate and glue, and additionally choices for application particular easy routes, as in Notes and other Apple applications.

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 4

On the off chance that you associate a Bluetooth console you can at present appreciate some of these advantages with a little on screen toolbar of alternate routes that you can reach up to.

Utilize a Six-Digit Passcode

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 2

Apple now underpins a six-digit Passcode rather than only a four-digit one. Including two digits makes it significantly more secure. Go to Settings - > Touch ID and Passcode - > Enter your password - > Change Passcode - > Enter your old password - > Enter another password twice

Get Customized News with Apple News

The new Apple News application gives you a chance to pick your most loved themes and distributions to stay up with the latest on news.

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Hidden Features - 1

You can set this up on one gadget and it will adjust to your other Apple gadgets. You can inquiry to include more News things and you can likewise agree to email notices of news stories.

Rapidly Go Back to Your Last App

Quickly go back to the app you came from.

When you take after a connection starting with one application then onto the next, iOS 9 makes it less demanding to return to your unique application. Just tap on Back to App Name in the upper left and you'll retreat. No all the more utilizing a twofold press of the home catch just to return to where you began.

Change iOS 9 Notification Grouping

As a matter of course iOS 9 will demonstrat to you your notices all together by date, yet you can bunch your iPhone and iPad notices by App on the off chance that you incline toward that choice.

iOS 9 tips Notifications

Go to Settings - > Notifications - > Group By App - > On. This will change back to what we found in iOS 8.

Take Notes and Draw on Email Attachments

iOS 9 Tips - Markup email

The iOS 9 Mail application incorporates support for checking up email connections utilizing outlining, an amplifying glass, notes and even your mark that adjusts over from Preview on your Mac. This is the quickest approach to leave change notes on a connection or to sign a record on your iPhone or iPad.

In the Mail application open a message with a connection, tap and hang on the connection and after that pick Markup and Reply. Presently you can utilize the choices at the base of the screen to make notes on the connection.

Look iOS 9 Settings

iOS 9 tips - search settings

On the off chance that you experience difficulty finding what you need to change in Settings on your iPhone or iPad, iOS 9 now gives you a chance to look.

In the fundamental Settings menu basically pull down until you see a pursuit box. Sort what you are attempting to discover and you'll see conceivable recommendations begin to fill in. Tap on one to go right to that setting.

Switch Flash On and Off for Videos

iOS 9 tips video flash

With iOS 9 you can now kill the glimmer on and as required while shooting recordings. Utilizing blaze isn't new on iOS 9, however the capacity to turn it on and off without ceasing a video clasp is. Simply tap on the glimmer symbol when you are recording a video to flip now and again. Look over On, Off or Auto.

Spare Mail Attachments to iCloud Drive

iOS 9 tips Save email attachment to iCloud drive

It is simpler to spare email connections to a spot you can work with them in iOS 9. When you are in the Mail application, tap and hang on a connection. When you let pursue a second a menu ought to appear with a Save Attachment alternative and an iCloud logo. Tap on it and afterward pick where to spare it in iCloud.

Easily Find a Place in Maps

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Secret Features - 6

The new Apple Maps application incorporates an alternative to tap on classifications that appear taking into account time of day and that will demonstrat to you things adjacent that you might need to go to. Basically tap on Breakfast, Coffee, Convenience, Gas and different alternatives in Maps or on the new inquiry page to rapidly get bearings to a close-by store or business.

Set Favorites and Locations in Apple Maps

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Secret Features - 5

In Apple Maps you can hunt down an area, tap to see the area page and after that tap the heart to add to top choices. Presently when you are on the Apple Maps seek page it will appear under top picks. In the event that you've told your iPhone where home and work are you will likewise see these alternatives on the pursuit page. The new Apple Maps additionally acquires areas on your logbook today.

Turn off Shake to Undo

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Secret Features - 4

When you shake the iPhone or iPad it will inquire as to whether you need to fix your writing. It is a simple approach to clear what you composed, yet in the event that you experience difficulty coincidentally initiating this because of shaking or development you can now turn it off. Go to Settings - > General - > Accessibility - > Shake to Undo - > Off.

Alter Reading Webpages in Safari

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Secret Features - 3

In Safari you can tap on the little lines beside a web location to dispatch Reader View. This strips out the includes and other web components so it is less demanding to peruse the article. You can likewise make the text style greater so it is less demanding to peruse.

Presently in iOS 9 you can change the foundation shading and textual style also. Tap on the aA symbol in the upper right to change these alternatives.

Switch from Android Easier

In the event that you need to change from Android to iPhone you can now utilize Move to iOS to switch your photographs, messages, contacts and more from iPhone to Android. Download the free Move to iOS application to your Android telephone andduring iPhone setup pick Move Data from Android.

Know Who an Unknown Caller Is

iOS 9 tips -- unknown caller

Regardless of the fact that you typically utilize the Gmail application or another application to peruse your email, you might need to connection it to the default Apple Mail application in iOS 9. The new elements incorporate the capacity to interface an approaching call from an obscure number to an email message with the goal that it can let you know who is likely calling you.

Ask Siri How Late a Store is Open

iOS 9 Tips Tricks Secret Features - 1

On the off chance that you have to know how late a store is open, simply ask Siri, "How late is Best Buy open?", or whatever store you are searching for. On the off chance that there is one and only store it will demonstrate the outcomes quickly, if not you should tap on the store you need to see the hours for. You can see when a store opens and when it closes.

Track Your Sex Life and Reproductive Health

iOS 9 tips Sexual Health Reproductive Health

The iOS 9 Health application now bolsters following conceptive wellbeing. You can track your sexual coexistence including secured and unprotected sex and also regenerative wellbeing things like period and ovulation.

Go to the Health App, Tap on Health Data then on Reproductive Health. You can pick six distinct things to track, and after that you should physically enter the information.

See the Battery Life of Your Gadgets

iOS 9 Secret Features - 3

When you have an Apple Watch or a Bluetooth gadget associated with your iPhone you can now utilize the new iOS 9 batteries gadget to see the greater part of your battery data in your Notification Center.

Pull down the Notification Center - > Scroll to the base - > Tap on Edit - > Tap + by Batteries.
Add Discover Card to Apple Pay

You can now add the Discover Card to your iPhone with Apple Pay. Go to Settings - > Wallet and Apple Pay - > Add Credit or Debit Card. You should point your iPhone camera at the card, fill in some more subtle elements and afterward confirm the card with Discover through email, telephone call or content.

In the event that you make Discover Card buys with Apple Pay in Stores for whatever remains of 2015 you will recover an extra 10% money.

Find Real iPhone Battery Hogging Apps

iOS 9 Secret Features - 1

You can now see more insights about your iPhone battery use, including which applications are utilizing the most battery and which applications are utilizing power with the screen on and out of sight. This makes it less demanding to distinguish a getting into mischief application and put a conclusion to it.

Go to Settings - > Batteries - > Scroll down and tap the little clock symbol. Presently you will see more point by point battery use.

Zoom in While Watching Videos

iOS 9 Hidden Features - 7

When you are viewing a video you can now squeeze to zoom in. You can't zoom to insane levels, however this is a helpful new iOS 9 include that permits you to get a more intensive take a gander at a part of the video you shot on the iPhone. Zoom pull out by un-squeezing.

Use iOS 9 Smart Albums

iOS 9 Hidden Features - 6

iOS 9 includes more brilliant collections that naturally keep your screenshots and selfies sorted out. In Photos, tap on Albums and afterward look up or down to see the new alternatives you can pick.

Get Faster Apple Maps Routes

In the event that you utilize Apple Maps to get starting with one place then onto the next, you will appreciate this new element that can distinguish a speedier course and offer it to you while you are driving. At the point when on a course, Apple Maps might appear and let you know that there is a Faster Route Available. Tap on Go to shave time off your drive.

Brisk Access to Music Apps

iOS 9 Hidden Features - 5

With iOS 9 your iPhone will begin to know when you are wanting to listen to music, and when you connect earphones to the iPhone will demonstrate your most utilized music application as a part of the lower left corner of the lock screen. You can then flick up from that symbol and open the application.

Share or Save Voicemail

iOS 9 Hidden Features - 4

In iOS 9 you can now spare or share a voice message right shape the Phone application. Tap on a phone message and afterward tap on the offer symbol. You can send it as a message, recovery to voice notices, offer in Facebook Messenger and the sky is the limit from there. You can even AirDrop it to a Mac.

Turn Off Frequently Visited Sites

iOS 9 Hidden Features - 3

When you open another tab in Safari it will list your much of the time went by sites out of sight. On the off chance that you don't need others to see this information you can now turn it off.

Go to Settings - > Safari - >Frequently Visited Websites - > Off.

Fast Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

iOS 9 Hidden Features - 2

In the event that you have to quit utilizing a Bluetooth gadget, yet you can't get up to go turn it off you can now essentially detach it from your iPhone. This won't unpair it, just detach it. Along these lines you quit utilizing it now, yet it is anything but difficult to utilize later. Go to Settings - > Bluetooth - > tap on i by the gadget - > Disconnect.

Quick Access to Handoff

iOS 9 Hidden Features - 1

A standout amongst the most helpful elements from iOS 8 is simpler to use on the iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.

Double tap your home catch in iOS 9 and you will now see more than simply the late applications being used on your iPhone or iPad. The overhaul includes a little tab at the base of the screen with a Handoff application. This will demonstrate an application you have utilized as of late on a Mac or iPad so you can open it on your iPhone without heading off to the lock screen.

Better Touch Options

iOS 9 Tips and tricks

iOS 9 includes another touch control setting that will help clients who every now and again tap the screen a lot of or have different issues utilizing the touch screen.

Go to Settings - > General - > Accessibility - > Touch Accommodations. Here you can turn this element on and alter the settings to make it simpler to utilize your iPhone.

Turn on AT&T WiFi Calling

iOS 9 Settings to Change - Wifi calling

Apple and AT&T now permit you to utilize AT&T WiFi approaching the iPhone. This will give you a chance to make telephone calls when you have no sign or a poor sign, yet at the same time have a WiFi association.

Go to Settings - > Phone - > WiFi Calling - > WiFi Calling on This Phone - > On. This will begin the setup process. It is not yet accessible in all territories, so you might need to hold to horses it on.

Utilize the New iPhone Emoji

iOS 9.1 emoji

The iOS 9.1 overhaul included a considerable measure of new emoji to the iPhone and iPad. You have to introduce the most recent upgrade to get on iOS 9.1 or more current to make utilization of these new emoji.

Utilize this manual for ensure you have the stock iPhone emoji console introduced and afterward you can utilize these new emojis in all iPhone applications.

Utilize Live Photos

You require the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus to record a Live Photo, yet with late moves up to iOS 9.1 you can see the Live Photo development and hear the sound on more seasoned iPhones running iOS 9.1 or higher.

Essentially long push on a Live Photo and you will see and hear the movement and sound that accompanies a Live Photo, even on a more established iPhone or iPad.

Shroud Contact Photos

The iOS 9.1 upgrade added the alternative to kill contact photographs in Messages. On the off chance that you don't care for seeing pictures by your discussions in the iPhone Messages application this is the thing that you have to change.

Go to Settings - > Messages - > Show Contact Photos - > Off. Furthermore, this will turn it off with the goal that you can modify messages.

Use Sprint WiFi Calling

Sprint bolsters Wifi Calling which permits you to make calls notwithstanding when there is not a decent flag.

  • Go to Settings - > Phone - > WiFi Calling - > On.
  • On different gadgets, go to Settings - > FaceTime - > Calls from iPhone - > On.

This will give you a chance to answer approaches your different gadgets and make brings over WiFi. Here's more information from Sprint.

Use SD Card to Lightning Adapter With iPhone

When you move up to iOS 9.2 you can now utilize the SD Card to Lightning connector and the USB to Lightning connector with the iPhone. This gives you a chance to associate the iPhone to your camera or SD card with the goal that you can import photographs.

Ensure you move up to iOS 9.2 and after that buy the Lightning to SD card or Lightning to USB connectors from Apple or another retailer.

Use Siri Arabic Language


The iOS 9.2 upgrade includes support for Arabic Language Siri use. You can go to the Siri settings and turn this on so you can communicate in Arabic to the iPhone with Siri as opposed to utilizing English or another dialect.

Utilize this manual for turn on Siri Arabic iPhone highlights after you move up to iOS 9.2.

Use iPhone Private Browsing Mode

You can utilize your iPhone to scan the web without recollecting where you visit and recalling what data you write into the program.

Learn how to use private browsing mode on the iPhone with iOS 9 and up.

On the off chance that you are shopping or taking a gander at a site you don't need in your history you can utilize the Safari Private scanning mode on your iPhone to keep another person from seeing where you went to.

Open Safari and after that tap on tabs choice in the lower right. Next, tap on Private. This will dispatch a tab that doesn't recall where you go.

Remember that on the off chance that you are associated with WiFi that is observed, as at work, the organization can in any case see what you are taking a gander at.

Utilize the iPhone as a Level

You can utilize your iPhone to check whether something is level. This permits you to rapidly check whether a surface is level or if a photo is hung level.

iPhone tips - iOS 9 Level

Open the compass application on the iPhone then swipe to one side and you will see a level.

In the event that you hold the telephone level it will check whether a surface is level. Hold it upright, as alongside a divider and it will quantify it like that.

Make a Custom iPhone Vibration

With this iOS 9 tip you can ensure that you know who is calling you without taking your iPhone out of your pocket. You can make a custom iPhone vibration for a contact in the settings.

iOS 9 tips - Custom vibration

Open the Contacts application - > Open the get in touch with you need to make a custom vibration - > Edit - > Scroll to Vibration - > Create New Vibration - > tap on the screen to make the vibration you need.

Tap Stop when you are finished. You can survey it with Play or tap Record to begin once again. Tap Save to keep the custom vibration.