Postman: physically check for new messages from anyplace [jailbreak]

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Postman: physically check for new messages from anyplace [jailbreak] - Typically, when you need to verify whether you have any new messages, you need to dispatch the Mail application and draw down to revive your preferred email inbox.

In case you're as of now highly involved with something, ceasing what you're doing to verify whether you have any messages is prominent. It would be so vastly improved on the off chance that you could simply revive your email from anyplace without leaving what you are right now doing in another application.

That is precisely what another free escape change called Postman is going to permit you to do, and it works with a key fixing that most jailbreakers are as of now acquainted with.

Utilizing Postman to check for messages physically 

As opposed to having battery-depleting push warnings empowered for all your email inboxes, a considerable lot of you most likely have a manual invigorate rate set, or pick to open the email application to check for messages yourself.

Postman is an awesome new escape change that uses Activator so you can summon a check for new messages physically from anyplace in iOS, whether you're on the Home screen, or in another application.

The way the change works is really basic – you simply appoint Postman an Activator activity of your decision from the Activator inclinations sheet in the Settings application or from the Activator application on your Home screen, and afterward you utilize the signal whenever to summon Postman's usefulness.

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In our sample, we've appointed Postman an Activator activity of twofold tapping the Status Bar, so now when we twofold tap our status bar, regardless of where in iOS we may be, iOS will get any new messages for any of the email addresses we've arranged via the post office application.

Why? – It's not that difficult to dispatch the Mail application 

The thought here is to amplify the usefulness of your gadget to accomplish something you couldn't some time recently, and in a way that permits you to proceed with your work process without constraining you to close the application you're in and dispatch the Mail application to check for messages.

Postman is going to work best for those of you that have handicapped all programmed checking for new messages for your inboxes. The change likewise works best when you have notices empowered for the Mail application, for example, standards and symbol identifications. This is on account of on the off chance that you had anything new, you'd instantly see an identification symbol on your Mail application or a flag warning to rapidly perceive that you had something new to look at.

Wrapping up 

Postman is an incredible expansion for Activator that jailbreakers can introduce to let them rapidly check for new messages from anyplace in iOS, and it's a totally free download from Cydia's BigBoss archive. The change will work with jailbroken gadgets running iOS 7 or later, up to iOS 9.0.2.