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iPhone dark screen won't turn on 

In case you're attempting to utilize an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, just to find that the presentation is dark and the gadget won't control back on, it could be occurring on account of an assortment of various reasons. The best way to know why it's going on without a doubt is to investigate.

In this piece, we'll endeavor to talk about the different reasons why this could jump out at your iOS device(s), and some potential workarounds to get you once again into the gadget on the off chance that it won't control back on.

Why is my screen dark and is there any good reason why it won't turn on? 

There are various reasons why your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad may have a dark screen and isn't turning on. Any of the accompanying reasons can be the underlying driver:

  • The battery has lost the majority of its charge 
  • The gadget is totally shut down 
  • The capacity drive is harmed 
  • A glitch in iOS 
  • All out iOS debasement 

Ordinarily, a dead battery is the most well-known of these issues, and aggregate iOS debasement is normally the most improbable much of the time, however I have seen times when an iOS glitch has totally kept the client out of the gadget and unique measures were required to get the gadget up and running once more.

Getting your iOS gadget up and running once more 

Since you've unearthed this data on why the issue could be occurring, you're most likely pondering what you can do to get your gadget up and running again so you or the genuine proprietor can begin utilizing it once more. Provided that this is true, you can simply attempt these strides:

Have a go at rebooting the gadget 

On the off chance that the screen is dark, and squeezing the force catch or home catch doesn't wake the gadget, it might simply be shut down.

In this situation, you should do nothing more than press and hold the force catch on the gadget until you see an Apple logo, and as of right now, the gadget ought to begin to boot go down. On the off chance that it doesn't, attempt the following step.

Make a decent attempt restart 

In the event that a delicate reboot doesn't work, make a decent attempt reboot. In a hard reboot, the force from the battery is disturbed, permitting the greater part of the framework's memory to be depleted and to begin move down in a totally new perspective. This technique is fruitful more often than not, unless the battery is ruined or a significant issue is in the air.

To perform a hard reboot, you can press and hold both the Home catch and power catch in the meantime for 10 seconds, or until you see an Apple logo show up on the screen.

Note: Hard reboots are likewise extremely compelling if the iOS gadget is solidified on a screen and is inert to your touch screen data.

No Apple logo? Continue proceeding onward… 

Try By Charging it 

On the off chance that the screen stays dark after both of the above proposals, then it's in all probability out of juice. In the event that an iPhone's battery gets too low, you'll for the most part see a low power symbol on the screen, similar to the one underneath:

iPhone dead battery screens
Then again, if the battery level gets sufficiently low, the gadget may not have enough energy to caution you that the force is too low. For this situation, the gadget's screen will stay dark regardless of what you do in light of the fact that there's no juice to turn the screen on.

On the off chance that a hard restart didn't work, you can verify whether a dead battery is your issue by connecting the gadget to a force hotspot for no less than 60 minutes. This will give the gadget some an opportunity to gather a charge and reinitialize. When it gets some force, you ought to at any rate see the low battery symbol for some time before it completely boots go down.

In the event that you don't see anything on the screen following 60 minutes, then check to ensure the AC connector and testing so as to charge link you're utilizing aren't awful them on a known decent gadget.

On the off chance that they're not awful, then continue proceeding onward down the rundown…

Interface with iTunes and attempt a framework restore 

As a last resort, you can simply have a go at interfacing the gadget to a PC with iTunes introduced on it and check whether iTunes perceives the gadget. In the event that it does, you can endeavor a framework restore. On the off chance that the issue is sufficiently serious, the gadget may not be perceived by iTunes by any means.

Take a stab at performing so as to put the gadget into Recovery Mode a hard restart, and after that keep holding the catches notwithstanding when you see the Apple logo so you're conveyed to the Recovery Mode screen.


iTunes might then demonstrate a pop-up like the one underneath, which lets you know that the product on the iPhone should be redesigned and restored:


In the wake of tapping on the blue Update catch, your PC will begin to download the most recent firmware for your gadget. In the event that it takes over 15 minutes, Apple notes you'll need to put your gadget into Recovery Mode once more.

Permit the restore to occur, then have a go at rebooting the gadget once more.

Note: This technique works extraordinary as a fix if your gadget endeavors to boot up, yet appears to fall flat mid-boot up for reasons unknown.

I've had a go at everything. Nothing worked…

On the off chance that after every one of that ruckus your gadget still won't control on, then we're truly sorry to learn you that it's feasible an equipment disappointment.

An iTunes restore more than likely would have helped any sort of programming defilement or bug in the framework, a hard restart would have presumably explained a product glitch, and a basic charge of the battery would have determined an absence of juice. Whatever else might be identified with a fizzled stockpiling unit, fizzled show, or something else turning out badly.

On the off chance that the issue is identified with a showcase, you'll likely see a dark screen, yet at the same time hear notices and vibrations originating from the gadget when you get warnings. This can be identified with a broken showcase flex link or harmed show internals. The showcase's digitizer is at shortcoming in the event that you can see what's on the presentation, however can't make the presentation perceive any of your touch info. Both situations will require a substitution show.

On the off chance that you have a non-working Home catch or power catch, then this will frustrate your capacity to perform a hard restart, and will likewise require new parts. Another conceivable situation is your synchronizing port, whether it's Lightning or 30-pin, might be harmed and can't acknowledge control or adjust with iTunes. Like a couple of different situations talked about some time recently, this will require new parts (or a radical new gadget). On the off chance that it's your gadget's stockpiling drive having a terrible fastening association, or something else thusly, you can likewise expect a substitution gadget.

In the event that you couldn't get your gadget up and running with any of the progressions above, then we'd prescribe reaching AppleCare or going to your neighborhood Apple Retail Store.


It's never fun when your costly iOS gadgets quit filling in obviously, yet ideally in the wake of taking after the progressions in this instructional exercise, you're ready to get your gadget up and running again. The most dire outcome imaginable is you'll have to contact Apple for backing, yet the uplifting news is Apple has incredible specialized backing and is normally glad to put a grin all over.

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