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A few Users Experiencing iCloud Services Downtime

A few Users Experiencing iCloud Services Downtime - Driving into the weekend, some iCloud clients are encountering some downtime in administrations appended to Apple's cloud stage.

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A few clients have started voicing their disappointment with the downtime on Twitter and different territories, be that as it may, the way things are at this moment, Apple has not yet redesigned its framework status page to mirror any kind of blackout in any of its administrations. For those influenced, it appears to fan out into iMessage, and also those that utilization iCloud email too.

It's significant that the designer behind Fantastical, the famous timetable application, Flexibits, tweeted out not very far in the past that they're mindful of the blackout, cautioning clients that they may see a "status code 400" subsequently.

Is it accurate to say that you are encountering any sort of downtime?