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Here's Why iPhone 7 Should Feature Wireless Charging

Here's Why iPhone 7 Should Feature Wireless Charging - For the tenth year in succession, Apple gadgets positioned most elevated in general consumer loyalty among Sprint, T-Mobile Verizon remote clients.

The Perfect iPhone 7

Apple CEO Tim Cook appreciates touting the high appraisals of his organization's items in J.D. Force's consumer loyalty. In any case, the most recent rankings from J.D. Power highlight the reason Apple ought to take a gander at incorporating Wireless Charging in its next iPhone, iPhone 7.

One of the key discoveries of the report was there was high client enthusiasm for Wireless Charging:
Customers cite “wireless charging” with the highest frequency (49%) when asked to indicate the top three features they would like on their next smartphone. “Wireless charging” is followed by “seamless voice control” and “facial recognition/biometric security/fingerprint scanner” (19% each).
The report goes ahead to include:
Wireless charging is more convenient than wired charging, decreasing the perception of device downtime and enabling customers to use phones for longer periods and more frequently. Wireless charging is also associated with high overall satisfaction. According to the study, satisfaction is 28 points higher for smartphones that are enabled with wireless charging, compared with those that do not have this feature (852 vs. 824, respectively).  
“Batteries are the life force of a mobile device, and advanced technology that can improve overall usability such as wireless charging can have a significantly positive impact on the overall user experience,” said Kirk Parsons, senior director and technology, media & telecom practice leader at J.D. Power.
It is admirable that iPhone has topped the rankings regardless of the absence of Wireless Charging. Yet, it will be troublesome for Apple to keep focused if the iPhone does exclude highlights like Wireless Charging that is turning out to be very regular in cell phones nowadays. Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone's greatest adversary, accompanies Wireless Fast Charging, which permits you to charge the Galaxy S7 remotely just about as quick as through a wired charger.

As I had said in my post Imagining the Perfect iPhone 7, if there was one component that would motivate me to move up to iPhone 7, it would be Wireless Charging. Most likely Wireless Charging that is accessible on numerous Android-based cell phones right now has its drawback, as the gadget must keep up contact with a charging cushion to charge the gadget. In any case, it is still more helpful than interfacing the iPhone to a charger utilizing a Lightning Cable.

In the event that Apple gets free of the 3.5mm earphone jack, then there is a high probability that iPhone 7 will highlight Wireless Charging as generally individuals won't have the capacity to listen to music with the Lightning earphones and charge the gadget in the meantime.

I trust the bits of gossip that Apple is growing long range remote charging innovation end up being valid.