New Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 10: StatusPeek 2, WAAutoReply, NoMoreStories, Siliqua & many

New Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 10: StatusPeek 2, WAAutoReply, NoMoreStories, Siliqua & many For almost every circumstance comprehensible, there is likely an application on the iOS App Store. For everything else, there's the jailbreak group. The main issue is, jailbreak changes and applications aren't anything but difficult to look for, which is the place our week by week jailbreak change gatherings come in.

Consistently, we scour the Cydia store to present to you the best new or refreshed framework changes for your jailbroken iPhone and iPad, and the current week's the same.

Gracing our rundown of seven this time around is a change to add more motions and activities to AirPods, another that adds auto-answer to WhatsApp, one that impairs the new Facebook Stories highlight, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

We have many slick changes to experience, so how about we get appropriate to it.

discreetVoiceMemos (Free, BigBoss)

As the name infers, this little change makes making voice updates a bit more attentive by expelling certain UI components that give it away, for example, the red status bar or the waveform on the bolt screen.

GoAway (Free, BigBoss)


With GoAway installd, you can change the "iPhone is debilitated" bolt screen content to anything you need. You could remove a leaf from the change's book and change it to "leave," for example.

StatusPeek 2 ($0.99, BigBoss)


The refreshed form of StatusPeek for iOS 10, similar to its antecedent, clones an element of the Android UX that shows the status bar set up of the Notification Center handle when you swipe down from the top in a fullscreen application.

AirDrop Disabler (Free, BigBoss)


In the event that you infrequently discover the need to share documents over AirDrop and feel you could manage without the messiness the AirDrop area adds to the Share Sheet, this change is your answer.

Siliqua (Free, BigBoss)


An unquestionable requirement have in the event that you claim a couple of Apple's AirPods, Siliqua includes a cluster of twofold and fourfold tap activities for the remote earphones, giving you a chance to delineate activities to either trigger.

WAAutoReply ($5, BigBoss)

This change includes an auto-answer alternative appropriate inside WhatsApp, permitting you to have a custom content sent in answer to any approaching messages with the flip of a flip.

NoMoreStories (Free, BigBoss)

Not an enthusiast of the new Facebook Stories highlight? This change will expel Stories from the highest point of the Facebook application, diminishing mess all the while.