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Win A Surface Pro 3 with Filehippo & Opera – How to Win

The owner of FileHippo and Opera web browsers are going to give a valuable gift for the users, a Surface Pro 3, look isn’t it good? Ok. Now we are going to guide you how to win the gift – the Surface Pro 3. To proceed, just visit the FileHippo website from the link.

So read it and there you will see what you want to do to win the Surface Pro 3.

On here to continue you need to Do following simple things,

  1. To continue you need to Download the Opera Web Browser
  2. Answer for a question which will asked from the owner of FileHippo and Opera web browsers.
  3. Follow them on Twitter
  4. Subscribe their Youtube channel
  5. Finally give them your Email and Name to contact you.

So don’t miss this chance because FileHippo and Opera web browsers are trustable and popular web browsers. So just try, if you have a chance you will be on the winning list.  Therefore don't forget to leave a comment to us....